BaseCamp Behavior
Building better GROWTH
through behavior science
BaseCamp Behavior
Building better GROWTH
through behavior science
BaseCamp Behavior
Building better GROWTH
through behavior science

Equip Yourself to Succeed

Finding your better is not a solo journey. You need a guide who knows what you need to be fully equipped and how you need to travel to get where you are going.


What’s your Journey?

Practice Business Owner

Practitioner Business Owners

You want to grow your practice. Do you know how to get there?

Practitioner Business Owners

business leaders

Business Leaders

Your team is good. How can you make them great?

Business Leaders

autism parent

Overwhelmed Parent

You are your child’s greatest supporter. Who is supporting you?

Overwhelmed Parent

Execs and CEOS

Executives & CEOs

You’ve tried the latest ideas to increase your performance. Do you need a new set of tools?

Executives & CEOs

people with depression anxiety

People with Depression
& Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety keep you from the life you want. What’s a different way to cope?

People with Depression & Anxiety

business startups

Business Startups

You have a passion for your business. What’s keeping you from the path to success?

Business Startups

stressed out

Stressed Out People

You’ve got plans, but stress and worry stop you. Can you get a better map to success?

Stressed Out People

teens adults

Teenagers & Adults with Autism or ADHD

The solutions you’ve tried don’t fit your way of thinking. Do you have an out of the box guide for success?

Teenagers & Adults with Autism or ADHD

Equipping for Excellence

Scaling for Success

You have a plan for success. Do you have the tools to get there? Do you know the way?

You’ve got a journey planned—a wellness journey, a business growth journey, a personal journey, You have a plan and you need to succeed. What happens when you don’t get to where you are going? Staying stuck is not an option. Using tools that aren’t successful don’t help you make progress. Is there a better way?

Basecamp has two success solutions for your journey:

  • tool-icon

    TOOLS that use science to take you where you want to go

  • guide-icon

    GUIDES that have made the journey and know the way.

What’s all this about behavior?

It’s science, but it’s not rocket science

Humans have an innate desire to strive for better. We want the best for ourselves-personally, professionally, in our health and wellness and in our achievements. We have the best of intentions. We make solid plans to succeed. But we miss the mark, even when we plan for better. Why? The simple answer is the complex subject of behavioral science. Behavioral science, which is understanding of human actions (and inactions!), combines an understanding of psychology, neuroscience, economics, law, political science, social science-to name a few-to explain why and how humans make decisions about what they are going to do and not do.

If you are striving for better, understanding how and why you act or don’t act is a game changer. And because it’s a science, you can have confidence that the tools that you are learning will actually help you make changes. Using the right tools means you get the right outcome. You aren’t just hoping for better, you can actually plan for better and count on getting there.

Using behavioral science, Basecamp moves you from intention to action, from hoping to succeed to actually having the tools for success.

Get to Know Your Guides


Equipping for three

take advantage of our experience and


Expertise that

look at new
activities in new


Tools that

utilize evidence based assessments & solutions
for proven success.


Produces Measurable Solutions

provide meaningful movement in targeted

Find your Better

Are you ready to get to get to your goals?
Equip yourself with a guide who knows the tools and the trail!