Do something different in the treatment of Depression, Anxiety & Stress

Eliminate the barriers to living your fullest life

Active treatment for depression, anxiety and stress

Depression and Anxiety derail the life you want to lead

Depression, anxiety and stress are the thief that keeps on stealing. The presence of these any of these creates a cycle of struggle where you cannot do what you want to do—making it even harder to do what you want to do in the future.

Not counseling—but something different

You are unique. You need unique solutions.

You’ve looked for help before. You may have even tried other solutions, but you still feel stuck. Maybe the solutions you’ve tried before don’t fit with the way you think and process. There are other options behavioral Activation and ACT Breakdown

What it is?

An action-based process where you learn how to engage in life


Highly individualized so you get what you need

Based on learning tools that can be applied to any setting—work, home, relationships


A collaborative and progressive process that changes as you do so you keep making progress

What it isn’t?

It’s not counseling or talk therapy

It’s not focused on your past experiences or mistakes


It’s not focused on your thoughts and feelings

Why it’s for you?

You want to be taught how to change step by step

You want to focus on action, rather than talking about your feelings

You’ve tried other treatments and they haven’t been effective

Why it’s for you

You want an active process to eliminate your barriers

You want an involved guide through the process

A New Set of Tools

If you feel like you’ve tried it all and nothing has worked

Basecamp Coaches Can:

  • Help you understand the cycle of depression and anxiety

  • Give you tools to use your thoughts and behaviors to your advantage ·

  • Teach you to get better, not just feel better

  • Provide support to break the cycle of struggles that prevent your success